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Benefits of Video Analytics software For Industries

Automatic License Plate Recognition

Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) is a Symphony-based video analytics tool that integrates vehicle identification with security and business operations, automating access systems, flagging in/out times, and tracking vehicles.

Crowd Detection

A real-time video analytics tool is used for crowd detection that monitors people's capacity and occupancy levels, triggering alarms for public surveillance applications to ensure safety and quality of service.

Face Recognition

Video analytic software is used for face recognition that uses patented 2D to 3D pose correction technology to identify known and unknown individuals in real-world scenarios, including lighting, angles, facial hair, motion, crowds, and expression.

Industrial Safety and Health

Keep your workers, workplace, and surroundings safe from unexpected dangers. Utilize our video analysis for real-time monitoring and train software with site-specific data for seamless operations.

It enhances safety and productivity across industrial operations.

Indoor People Tracking

The video analytic software is designed for indoor people tracking, enabling high accuracy in detecting and monitoring movement within environments. It can trigger alarms and direct operators to specific concerns, making it an ideal addition to video surveillance systems.

Pandemic Management

Our pandemic management video analytics detect and alert individuals violating safety protocols in public or at work. It ensures compliance with government regulations and promotes social distancing norms, thereby promoting the 'new normal.'

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Effective AI Video Surveillance Services for Your Business

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Requirement Gathering

Understanding user needs and defining software scope.

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Algorithm Design

Developing machine learning or computer vision algorithms for tasks like object detection, tracking, and recognition.

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Software Implementation

Transforming algorithms into functional software components.

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Video Analytics Solution for Real-world problems.

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Deployment and Maintenance

Monitor performance and offer ongoing maintenance and updates.

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Testing and Validation

Verifying software accuracy and reliability with a variety of datasets and real-world scenarios.

FAQs On Artificial Intelligence Video Analytics Software

1. What is the use of video Analytics Software?

Video analytics systems are increasingly being utilized by various organizations and industries, beyond physical security and law enforcement, to enhance the value of video surveillance networks, enabling more efficient real-time response and investigation capabilities.

2. What are the basic features of video analytics software?

Face Recognition: Blocklist or VIP identification, access control, restricted zone monitoring, and forensic face search.
Intrusion Detection: Detects intruders entering high-security installations and sterile zones.
License Plate Recognition: Captures and recognizes license plates, identify vehicles for traffic violations, automates access control, and detects red light violations.
Counting and Reporting: Provides footfall statistics for business optimization and queue monitoring.
Traffic & Parking Management: Effectively controls and detects illegal traffic behavior.
Multi-Camera Tracking: Tracks objects through multiple cameras.
Suspicious Incidences: Detects abnormal behavior, suspicious objects, and activities.
Crowd Management: Monitors and manages crowds and provides early warnings of smoke and fire.
 Business Intelligence: Provides forensic search by metadata, heat map, flow map, and comparison charts.
Privacy Masking: Provides privacy for people under surveillance, unmasked video for storage, masked video for monitoring, and evidence export.

3.Why is video analytics important?​

Video analytics is crucial for organizations to leverage video intelligence for security purposes, enhancing post-event investigations, responding to incidents, and identifying visitor demographics and behavioral patterns. Video analytics software provides intelligence to improve security, customer experiences, business operations, and revenues.


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