FMS, a Facility Monitoring System developed by Katomaran, serves as an interface application that integrates sensors and software to monitor vital parameters such as water, electricity utilities, and air quality sensors in residential apartments in Singapore. The system enhances efficiency by enabling timely maintenance and incident recording for detailed audit trails.
Additionally, it includes an alert system connected with power meters and energy meters to notify residents of any issues or anomalies in real-time, further enhancing facility management and ensuring a seamless living experience.


The challenges in developing the FMS included

  • Integrating various sensors and software seamlessly.
  • Ensuring accurate monitoring of facility parameters.
  • Providing a user-friendly interface for effective management.

Tech Stack


To address these challenges, FMS incorporated advanced technologies like React, Ruby, and PostgreSQL for robust functionality and reliability. Docker and AWS were utilized for scalable deployment and efficient management of resources, ensuring optimal performance.


Ticketing System: Allows residents, admins, or management authorities to raise complaints or issues with systematic tracking and scheduling for follow-ups. Incident Report: Enables detailed recording of incidents like fire, breakage, or medical emergencies, providing essential documentation for audit trails and analysis. Facility Monitoring Sensor: Incorporates advanced sensors for monitoring water, electricity, air quality, and toiletry supplies, issuing alerts and notifications for swift resolution of issues.


  • Real-time monitoring of facility parameters
  • Ticketing system for complaint management
  • Detailed incident reporting
  • Advanced sensor integration for proactive issue detection
  • Customizable notification settings for timely response

Design System

To enhance text legibility and visual appeal, we use a typographic color palette with bright colors.


The implementation of FMS led to a substantial enhancement in overall operational efficiency, with improved facility management, streamlined incident handling, and proactive issue resolution.


FMS has revolutionized facility management for the Singapore-based company, providing an efficient, user-friendly solution for monitoring and addressing facility-related issues. With its advanced features and robust functionality, FMS sets a new standard in facility management systems.