We are Katomaran

Katomaran Technologies Private Limited is an AI/ML-based robotics start-up focused on instilling Automation workflows across domains. We build products and provide solutions to solve real-world problems that can be easily incorporated into the existing workflows

Established in late 2018 by a group of five intellectuals who came together from various backgrounds but with one vision. The company has made expeditious progress into the Singaporean Security Industry, deploying multiple technology products to enhance security workflows, digitalization of data with an alert-based real-time monitoring system. We further offer Autonomous Mobile Robots for various applications like security patrolling, cargo transfer, food serving robots for restaurants. Our customized solutions create values through the continuous expansion of our scope of services in the security solutions arena

Our Mission

We are proactively committed to exceeding expectations, providing transparency and getting it right first time.

Our Vision

Since our inception, the primary aim has been to build and ship products that make the world a better place for everyone, including ourselves.