Internet of Things

Our IoT solutions and services enable devices to get connected securely with each other. They can be accessed from any part of the world with all their data being securely hosted on the cloud. Our all time monitoring and instant alerting system keeps the process in check thus enhancing our customer's productivity.



An one-stop solution to monitor the water level consumptions of the water meters with an interactive and informative designed UI powered by a robust backend architecture. The system provides an archive database of consumptions over time and also a trend analysis for forecasting the consumption.


Windmill Watcher, an IoT device of size not more than a 10 cm cuboid, is pluggable into any windmill PLC. Connecting this device gives a complete control of the windmill. Monitoring windmill production data, analysis of the future production and controlling the windmill, all of these are just a few mouse clicks or mobile touches away with Windmill Watcher.


Project details to be updated

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