We provide full scale artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to communities and industries in order to automate the conventional process flow and generate actionable insights. Our solutions offer easy end user interface through web and mobile applications and real time alerts.



A Robert Bosch initiative to which we associated as the Technology partner. A drone developed by Bosch will be carrying our AI camera which looks at the crop in an agricultural field, differentiates weeds from the crops and sprays agricultural chemical agents with the help of an electronic actuation system


Our Cameras mounted on the entrance, exit and other specific areas of gated communities monitor and record all incoming and outgoing vehicles, track them and keep a timely record. Vehicle traffic control, Parking analytics, Duration prediction and much more analytics based data can be extracted.


Deep Learning enabled cameras help to count the number of customers entering the store on any given time. Utilizing customer visits creates opportunities of improving the business in retail stores by analyzing customer visit prediction data, prediction of visits on any given time period in a day and so many more.

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